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Sound Decision Ltd. and One Communication Have Teamed Up to Bring You Amazing Savings!

Call Today and Sign up for One Communication’s NextOne Internet and TV Bundles and You Could Leave our store with a Free TV!

What Do You Mean Free?

Call us today and one of our sales assistants will be happy to help sign you up for your desired NextOne Bundle package.

Package information can be found here.

Savings include:

Basic Package Sign up – $500 off any TV

Better Package Sign up – $1000 off any TV

Best Package Sign up – $1500 off any TV

Ultimate Package Sign up – $2000 off any TV

That Means Any TV priced at $2000 or below could be yours for FREE with the NextOne Bundle Deal!

What if I already signed up for a NextOne Bundle?

No Problem! Just let us know what deal you’ve signed up for and we’ll still apply the promotion!


What Are You Waiting For?

Sign Up Now and get your New TV delivered same day!

*Please note that promotion is only applicable during initial 2 year commitment. Any change of service to other cable/internet providers will require remaining TV balance to be paid to One Communications.*

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