VF3012 2-Tier Wall Mount Shelf


2-Tier Wall Mount Shelf

Product Brand: SANUS
Model Code: VF3012
UPC Code: 793795526281 – Black – $104.99 USD
Product Width: 18.00″ / 45.72cm
Product Height: 15.22″ / 38.66cm
Product Depth: 16.00″ / 40.64cm
Product Weight: 20.39lbs / 9.25kg
Product on Wall Weight Capacity: 30.00lbs / 13.61kg
Product Top Shelf Width: 18.00″ / 45.72cm
Product Top Shelf Depth: 16.00″ / 40.64cm
Product Top Shelf Weight Capacity: 20.00lbs / 9.07kg
Product Middle Shelf Width: 0.00″ / 0.00cm
Product Middle Shelf Depth: 0.00″ / 0.00cm
Product Middle Shelf Weight Capacity: 0.00lbs / 0.00kg
Product Bottom Shelf Width: 18.00″ / 45.72cm
Product Bottom Shelf Depth: 16.00″ / 40.64cm
Product Bottom Shelf Weight Capacity: 20.00lbs / 9.07kg


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