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Akai Professional Fire FL Studio Controller


USB Performance Controller for FL Studio Software, with 4 x 16 Control Matrix, Transport Section, and FL Studio 20 Fruity Edition Software

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Streamline Your Productions with the Akai Fire

The first dedicated controller made for FL Studio software, the Akai Professional Fire delivers comprehensive control for production and performance. Akai Professional worked closely with Image Line — makers of FL Studio — to enhance your workflow and optimize your music-making sessions. Featuring a 4 x 16 matrix, the Akai Fire makes it easy to navigate the Channel Rack, Browser, Tool Bar, and Playlist menus, allowing you to step away from the mouse and enjoy hands-on control. And with the ability to connect up to four Fire grid controllers to FL Studio, you could even create a physical 8 x 32 matrix right on your desktop or in your live rig.

The first dedicated controller for FL Studio

While FL Studio software works with practically any control surface, there has never been a streamlined, dedicated control solution for it — until the Akai Fire grid controller. Its familiar interface allows you to get a lot done without touching your mouse, including navigating the Channel Rack and other menus, controlling the transport section, creating sequences, and even playing instruments in real time. This controller makes an already intuitive DAW even more accessible to all, resulting in seamless creativity and music making.

Ready to plug and play, with FL Studio 20 Fruity Edition included

If you’ve been custom-programming your control surfaces for FL Studio, you’re in for a treat. Compatible with both PC and Mac versions, the Akai Professional Fire is ready to rock with FL Studio right out of the box. You probably expected that from a dedicated controller, but as far as the FL Studio are concerned, the Akai Professional Fire is a solution that’s been a long time coming. To make sure you’re up and running quickly, the Fire controller includes a USB cable, Quickstart Guide, and a license for FL Studio 20 Fruity Edition software.

Akai Professional Fire Grid Controller for FL Studio Features:

  • Dedicated control surface for FL Studio DAW software (Mac and PC)
  • 4 x 16 control matrix with velocity-sensitive RGB pads
  • Navigate the Channel Rack, Browser, Tool Bar, and Playlist menus without a mouse
  • Performance mode allows you to create sequences and play instruments in real time
  • Dedicated transport section for comprehensive session control
  • Up to four units can be connected to create a powerful 8 x 32 matrix
  • Includes USB cable, Quickstart Guide, and license for FL Studio 20 Fruity Edition software


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