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Gator GKC-1648 Stretchy Keyboard Cover


Gator Cases Stretchy Cover Fits 88-Note Keyboard

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Gator Cases Stretchy Keyboard Cover

The Gator Cases stretchy keyboard covers are made of Lycra/Spandex to protect your keyboard from dust and other air borne debris. The two models available, the GKC-1648 and the GKC-1540, fit most sizes of keyboards and most likely, your size is covered. The GKC-1648 will fit larger, 88 note keyboards and the GKC-1540 will fit most 61 and 76 note keyboards. The GKC-1540 and GKC-1648 hand-washable stretchy keyboard covers have a draw string that helps secure the covers onto the keyboard. Look no further for the solution to keeping dust and debris from landing on your keyboard with Gator Cases stretchy keyboard cover.

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