Panasonic NNSU676S 1.3 Cu. Ft. Stainless Microwave

Panasonic NNSU676S 1.3 Cu. Ft. Stainless Microwave


1.3 Cu. Ft., 1100W Built-In/Countertop Microwave Oven – Stainless Steel

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The Genius Sensor microwave oven represents the best in microwave cooking today. The large 1.3-cu. ft. capacity and 12.4-inch glass turntable are roomy enough for a 9×9 casserole dish. With Genius Sensor technology, Panasonic takes the guesswork out of creating great meals by automatically setting power levels, adjusting cooking, reheating, or defrosting times as needed and keeping foods warm until ready to serve. The internal sensor thinks for you, measuring the amount of steam produced during cooking and signaling the oven’s microprocessor to precisely calculate the remaining cooking time at any power level. The embossed-look membrane keypad provides 7 preset menu options for everyday meals and snacks, plus the manual controls you need for more adventurous menus. Ideal for singles, busy professionals, and on-the-go families, this oven’s stylish exterior will fit any kitchen decor.

  • 1.3-cu. ft. capacity with 12.4-inch glass turntable cooks large meals without without taking up much space
  • Prepare all of your favorite dishes with quick and even results or heat frozen food, coffee, soup and leftovers
  • Genius Sensor one-touch Cook and Reheat automatically adjusts power levels for great results every time
  • 7 pre-programmed settings: potatoes, fresh vegetables, frozen vegetables, frozen pizza, frozen entrees, casserole, and ground meat
  • One-touch popcorn button with 3 power level options depending on size for perfect popping every time
  • Quick :30 timer that lets you set cooking and reheating times in 30 second intervals (up to 5 minutes)
  • Keep Warm setting keeps food warm and delicious in the oven until it’s time to eat
  • Easy-to-set child safety lock to keep young hands from operating the oven
  • Complies with 2016 DOE energy conservation standards
Product Dimensions (L x W x H)
16.60 x 20.40 x 12.40 Inches


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