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Yamaha Pianica P32D 32-note Melodica (Blue)


Yamaha Pianicas are small piano-style keyboards that you power with your own breath that produce a sound similar to an accordion or harmonica.

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(Re)Discover the Joy of Making Music

If you’ve ever dreamed of playing an instrument or used to play “back in the day” and long to return, the Pianica is an enjoyable, stress-free way to go. Pianicas are simple instruments designed to make playing music easy and fun. The small keyboard has the same black-and-white keys as a piano, so you automatically know what to do with your fingers. When you gently blow air through the mouthpiece or flexible tube, the Pianica produces a sound that’s similar to a harmonica or an accordion.

Familiar Keys

Learning to play is very easy as Pianicas have the same black and white keys that you’ll find on a piano or keyboard. Plus, since they use the same music as a piano, there are plenty of songs and music books available to choose from.

Case Included

Need to take it with you? All Pianica models come with a convenient carrying case. Some models have a durable molded plastic case, while others have a soft zippered case with a shoulder strap.


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