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Cavus CMP5H Horizontal Wall Mount for Sonos Five and Play:5 (gen 2)


Cavus CMP5 | Wall Mount Specially Designed for Sonos Five and Play:5 (gen 2) Speaker | Horizontal Mounting

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The Sonos Five is the perfect speaker for your home. This speaker has great quality and a high-quality sound. If you attach this speaker to a piece of furniture, the sound will be distorted. This mount absorbs these vibrations so that the purest sound can be enjoyed. The horizontal rotatable and tiltable wall bracket allows it to revolve and tilt in all directions, so you can point your Sonos Five at the exact place where you sit when enjoying music from this beautiful speaker.

Complete your Sonos experience;
Create the ideal sweet spot for the best sound;
Functional design for your Sonos Five;
Quick and easy to assemble;
Also available as vertical mount, both black and white.

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